Railroad & HyRail Teams

Signature’s Railroad Partnerships extend across the United States and Beyond! Our Railroad Preplanning Teams deploy days ahead of our airborne crew(s) arriving to ensure the safety and integrity of your track is protected! When Track Time is issued, Signature is Ready! Signature’s custom F-650 is stocked with 600 gallon Jet-A capacity, (3) Air-Saws, 2-Ton crane and more!

Signature’s HyRail Teams will work hand-in-hand with your MTM and EIC to effectively maximize productivity and minimize delays. By design, our model is unparalleled to anyone in our Industry; it’s the only turnkey model.

Time Constraints? We understand! At Signature, it’s our job to deliver a safe and final product based on your schedule. We have 24-7 Rotorcraft Technicians to be dedicated for your project and eliminate response time for repairs. Our business model affords many options to expedite your project and reduce cost while always upholding the Highest Level of Safety.

We constantly evaluate man-hours worked to ensure our risk mitigation practices eliminate static behaviors.

The actionable data and any findings are discussed across our entire company; real-time.

“Our core value and unwavering commitment to Safety leads our drive to quality and obtaining the ‘right’ productivity, Robby Lane, President.

Vegetation & Hazard Tree Mitigation

Signature’s drive for competitive success begins and ends with Safety; Safety for Everyone!

Our Teams can reduce and sometimes eliminate conventional resources from ever entering the line-of-fire while caring for the Environment.

“Signature Best Practices include parameters to develop positive control before a final cut is made,” Lead Pilot, Wesley Bogar.

Airborne Construction Services

SLS is here! We’re proud to welcome our new Assistant Chief Pilot from the great state of Texas!

The SLS Team understands the importance of maintaining situational awareness. Operational Integrity of a mission begins with a thorough pre-job brief . Industry statistics have shown an incident rate above 95% due to inadequate PJBs.

“Standardization, Communication and Accountability are absolutely paramount for a successful operation,” Chief Pilot, Andrew Dale.

Please inquire at for more information regarding our Construction Operation.

Storm Response

When damaging weather or emergencies strike, Signature Utility Services is poised to respond immediately as an integral part of your restoration efforts. Our highly trained and experienced teams are able to reach inaccessible areas safely, efficiently, and without having an impact on the surrounding environment. We can conduct comprehensive aerial inspection flights, mitigate danger trees, or lift hardware and poles up to 1000lbs to help restore your system and facilities back to normal in minimal time and with minimal exposure.